April 2018

Beggar’s Opera
A staged performance with harpsichord and cello, directed by Nick Fowler
Pauls Putnins – Macheath
Lynsey Docherty – Polly Peachum
Flora McIntosh – Lucy Lockit
Kevin West – Mr Peachum
Harriet Williams – Mrs Peachum & Mrs Trapes
Nick Fowler – Lockit
Jon Valender – Filch
Peter Ford – harpsichord

Acis and Galatea
An abridged concert performance with piano, edited and narrated by Nick Fowler 
Lynsey Docherty – Acis
Flora McIntosh – Galatea
Pauls Putnins – Polifemus
Nick Fowler – Narrator
Julie Aherne – piano

At St Cuthberts, Oborne, in a co-production with Opera Cameratina

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