Project Valhalla

Mastersingers intends to create a vibrant and intimate production of Wagner’s epic THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG, the first to be sung in English in this country for over a decade.

The staging of this great work will be generated in a unique way. Building in instalments, with each music-drama taking one year to produce, the cycle will be largely created in front of a public during a number of open rehearsal days. With one open rehearsal approximately every three months, the audience will have the opportunity to witness how the production process gradually evolves towards performance, and participate in directorial questions. Led by experienced professionals, the cast will consist of Mastersingers’ Young Artists, many of whom will be singing their roles for the first time – and singing them in their native language. We will be using Andrew Porter’s celebrated translation, originally made for ENO and dedicated to Reginald Goodall.

Additionally, to demonstrate that great story-telling relies on characters and narrative clarity, the production budget (sets, props and costumes) for each of the four operas will be limited to £500 per opera. The singers will be initially be accompanied by piano, though we are researching the possibilities of adding an orchestra in the future.

We began in January 2019 with Sir John Tomlinson rehearsing part of  Siegfried Act 2, and are delighted that Dame Felicity Palmer will lead our next session in April, working on the Norns’ scene from the Prologue to Twilight of the Gods. Please see the Events page for details of casting and venue.

This will be a Ring based on music, text and character and not driven by directorial concept or conceit. Come and join us, be part of a special musical-theatrical event and, if you can, please support us with your donations. We are building The English Ring.